ODYSSEY - CRO-A-Porter 2014 - Jan 2015, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam

The collection 'Odyssey 2015' is inspired by Kubrick’s evolutionary cut from primates to digital era in Space Odyssey 2001. That link is closely related to Nietzschenian allegory of a man as a bridge between the ape and the Übermensch. Outfits throughout the collection are exploring the transformations between those two remote endpoints by referencing few masculine archetypes throughout our history.



ARCHIVE - June 2013, Split City fashion, Best designer award / October 2013, Cro-A-Porter

The collection ‘Archive 2013’ applies formative principles of Robert Morris’ Antiform (Artforum, 1968) on clothing. Morris proclaims abandoning of rigid rectangular shapes and materials used in production of minimal sculpture and creates arbitrary ‘passing forms’ whose final expressions are left up to gravity and flexibility of the materials used. Every new exposition of the same material will result in another configuration, another sculpture or - in case of this collection - another garment.

                                                                                                                                        Robert Morris, sculptures in felt

                                                                                                                                        Robert Morris, sculptures in felt

Polymorphism transferred from the field of sculpture into the field of design logically resulted in multifunctional objects -' poligarments'.

Research of these principles gave rise to a kind of ‘anticonstruction’. Garments are constructed from continuous symmetrical pattern parts free of any cuts, stitches, gussets or folds evoking the structure of Morris’ sculptures formed from a continuous strip of felt. Metal zippers are used to connect pattern parts instead of fixed seams enabling divisions and reclosures that lead to new variations or complete transformations of the garment.

Zipper is a tool that controls and transforms the form and it is up to end users to adjust it as they please every time they wear the garment.  


Designed in Amsterdam / Handmade in Croatia